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Thread: Wheo to FM?

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    Wheo to FM?

    Wheo is conducting a fundraiser to add a FM signal. I was under the impression there were no FM freq around here? Screenshot_20170118-082842.jpg

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    The FCC is in the midst of conducting an effort to revitalize AM radio. The thrust of the effort is to allow AM stations to buy existing FM translator frequencies already licensed. The key is that they are - for the length of the window - allowing you to buy one as far as 250 miles (straight line) away and relocate it without having to go through the engineering hoops. Of course they value of FM translator frequencies shot through the roof overnight. The cheapest one I could find for Martinsville was $100,000 - and there were several within a 250 mile radius at that price. I wish them in Stuart luck, but I doubt it will be very effective. FM is pretty much line of site and unless they intend to locate on top of the mountain and pipe the signal up there, a low power translator is not going to reach very far or very many people in that spread out county. I would imagine one on top of our tower on Chatham Heights would push a pretty decent signal for Martinsville and Henry County, but the price is out of my league.

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