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How long do you keep your vehicle?

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Blue Fish:
Interesting chart. Shows the vehicles with highest percentage of owners that keep them for 15 years.

Not one U.S auto maker on the list.

Is this just for a certain class, because I know of quite a few who keep Ford and Chevy trucks for a long, long time, and if they do get rid of the truck within 10 years, it's to buy another Ford or Chevy truck.

Blue Fish:
As far as I know it all makes and all models. No specific class.


--- Quote from: Blue Fish on January 11, 2018, 04:11:32 PM ---As far as I know it all makes and all models. No specific class.

--- End quote ---

I would suspect those cars reflect that % because they're vehicles used, mostly, for family vehicles (maybe an exception of the Tacoma and Tundra) and they want something reliable and something that they have to put a minimum amount of effort into keeping on the road. Basically, the point A to point B driver.

When you're a car person, especially into American Muscle or Luxury, you're more likely to switch cars more frequently. Not because of reliability issues, but because you want more that the latest and greatest offer. More tech, more horsepower, more low end torque, etc...

I love Ford Mustangs - especially GTs and Cobras. I have a dream to own another Mustang GT, but once the mileage gets past 150k, I would sell it, trade it in, and get another one with much lower miles. I don't drive those cars for long term reliability, I drive them for the excitement in the drive. That's why when I owned my last GT, I also drove a Nissan Sentra - of which I owned for 10 years.

I figured it up that I own a vehicle approximately 6.2 years on average. 


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