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Carolina Panthers Looking For New Owner


Jerry Richardson is no longer in charge of the team - workplace misconduct.

And once again, P. Diddy wants in on the action. I think he would be a horrible owner.

Common Sense:
We shall see. It would help maintain attendance, which is pretty high. I have a lot of family down around the Charlotte area and the fan base is pretty solid. If its not him it would have to be another big money name from the banking arena, as Charlotte is Wall-Street South. I could see another group of local celebrities, so to speak, try to pick their hat into it. With slight decline of NASCAR I'm thinking maybe a Cup team owner could try. NASCAR headquarters and most all of the teams are based out of the Charlotte area.

Richard Childress maybe?

If I was to win the lottery a couple times I may try to buy them. Save me the trouble and gray hairs waiting for the Redskins to pull it all together and put a good and competitive team on the field!

I have read some recent comments that Steph Curry is interested in being part of the ownership team. His roots are in Charlotte.


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