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Ahhh, the joys of Christmas shopping and how low adults can act like. Seasons Beatings 2017!

I think Black Friday is a sham anyway. If you can sell that coveted item for 75% off on black Friday, then that tells me that item was overpriced to begin with. And not only that, but forcing people to make such bad financial decisions after midnight on Thursday when they're bellies are fat and they're half asleep.

I went black Friday shopping once in my life. With my wife. Turned out to be a horrible idea. We were unsuccessful on what we came out to get (I think she was trying to get my Christmas present), she was frustrated, crying, upset, and we were exhausted the next day. From that point on, I said I would never go black Friday shopping again.

Common Sense:
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Either way. I'm not surprised. People goes nuts on Black Friday just to get a good deal. I agree that there are good deals out there, and you can get the better shot at them the earlier you get. But I think its going WAY too far to go camp out at a Best Buy to get a better deal on a video game system or some overpriced sweater that will be available at Marshalls or Ross within a month.


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