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AC/DC was never the same after he retired due to health reasons. He will be missed.

AC/DC was never the same after Bon Scott died
RIP Malcom

Common Sense:

--- Quote from: Riggins on November 19, 2017, 06:26:54 AM ---AC/DC was never the same after Bon Scott died
RIP Malcom

--- End quote ---

AC/DC is probably always going to be the best hard rock band ever. But it wasn't the same after Bon Scott, and now with some added stress to Angus's state I have to wonder if they'll hang it all up.

I was an AC/DC back fan in the early days with Bon Scott - but I also have  a lot of respect for what Brain Johnson accomplished during his time with the band. The impression that I got from several interviews with Angus Young was that Malcolm was the glue that held everything in place. Think about it - Bon was gone and replaced by Johnson.Then  AC/DC went on to huge commercial success. Malcolm retired in 2014. AC/DC has pretty much disappeared. I'm not criticizing Bon Scott - only praising Malcolm.

I liked AC/DC more when Brian Johnson joined the band. I guess I'm in the minority with that, but I never really cared for Bon Scott. He always sounded like he was messed up on drugs. Johnson was more of a metal singer to me. It's kind of like the Roth VS Hagar thing. You have some Van Halen fans who are strictly David Lee Roth, and some who are strictly Sammy Hagar. I liked music from both lead singers. I like some Bon Scott lead AC/DC songs, but most of my favorite songs come from Brian Johnson.

Having said that, AC/DC hasn't been the same since Malcolm had to quit. And of course, without Brian Johnson, I don't see how you can have an AC/DC. I think they're done as a band. They have a great catalog that will live on, but unless they were able to reinvent themselves with a group of younger guys who would be granted rights to the name, I don't think you'll ever hear anything else from the band.

I know that Gene Simmons has talked about KISS being more of a brand than a band, and having him and Paul pick their replacements in the band. In a way, I think that would be neat. If a group of young rockers in their 20's was able to carry on the legacy of these bands while having an updated sound that pays proper homage to the legacy sound, I might could get into that. There's no more rock bands in today's popular music. All rock is underground now.


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