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No one has posted about podcasts, but I expect there are many of you who listen to them. I would like to identify some that I enjoy which cover a range of topics from politics, foreign affairs, history, economics and books and I hope you will identify some that you like.

Unless otherwise stated, all of these shows are published once a week.

One of the earliest I discovered around a decade ago and to which I continue to listen is EconTalk. Russ Roberts is a libertarian who invites someone, usually an economist, to discuss a topic of interest. His libertarian views are always front and center which make for a robust exchange of ideas. This is the kind of conversation you would expect from serious people who are trying to explain and understand what is usually a complicated issue that the guest has researched and written about. No one shouts or talks over anyone else as you get with most political talk. The conversation is always respectful and illuminating.

I have also found it easier to listen to the Sunday news shows via podcast than watch them on TV. Meet The Press, Face The Nation, Fox News Sunday, This Week With George Stephanopoulos, and Fareed Zakaria GPS are on my list. They usually are available for download Sunday afternoon or evening. I always listen to Meet The Press and Fox News Sunday to get the widest coverage of the week's events. Fareed Zakaria has the best international coverage and the most prestigious guests. There are other Sunday talk shows, particularly from CNN that are available.

On foreign affairs there is a long list of good to great shows. One of the best and determinedly nonpartisan is the Council on Foreign Relations' The Week Ahead. Two CFR hosts discuss what events in foreign affairs are coming in the next week and their significance. I have been listening to this one for as long as I can remember and I have never heard them take a partisan position against Bush, Obama, or Trump. That contrasts with Deep State Radio with David Rothkopf (the former CEO and Editor of Foreign Policy which is about as harsh in its criticism of Trump's foreign policy as it gets. It posts two shows a week on Monday and Thusday. The E.R. (Foreign Policy's Editor's Roundtable) is generally nonpartisan too, but it often focuses on a particular issue in depth rather than covering the major issues of the week. Mark Leonard's World in 30 Minutes is a production of the European Council on Foreign Relations with an obvious focus on Europe. Talking Politics is produced by a Cambridge University don and his colleagues. Their focus is often on UK domestic issues with forays into the European Union and Trump's impact in Europe. Brexit is a frequent topic of discussion.

Editor's Picks from The Economist is another podcast I have followed for a very long time. It gives a summary of the major stories from the weekly Economist magazine. You get in depth discussion of four to five articles. You always get the main political and foreign affairs articles plus something on either technology, health, science, or a major social issue.

I will post about more later, but I would like to learn about others from you. 

My podcasts are much more fun lol!  ;D I like to listen to Eddie Trunk, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Clark Howard, Dave Ramsey, and Tech News.

Love Stone Cold's podcast and The Franchise Shane Douglas as well.

It would help uninformed readers like me if you told a little more about these guys. Or, maybe I am the only one who doesn't know who they are.  ;D
Anyway, if I have to look them up, I may as well post the info.

Eddie Scott Trunk is an American music historian, radio personality, talk show host, and author, best known as the host of several hard rock and heavy metal-themed radio and television shows

Clark Brian Howard is a popular consumer expert and host of the nationally syndicated Clark Howard Show

Steve Austin, better known by the ring name "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, is an American actor, media personality, producer, and retired professional wrestler.

David L. "Dave" Ramsey III is an American businessman, author, radio host, television personality, and motivational speaker. It looks like he discusses financial issues.

Troy Allan Martin is an American professional wrestler and promoter, better known by his ring name The Franchise Shane Douglas.

Tech News Weekly hosted by Jason Howell and Megan Morrone brings you interviews from tech journalists who make or break the top stories of the week. (I used to listen to This Week in Tech. This appears to be a spinoff.)

Common Sense:
3 potcasts I listen to on the regular are:

1- the MC Sports report. 2 sports radio journalists based out of Hopewell, Virginia.
2- the Economist. Recently, the day after my birthday, they had a good cast called "Money Talks: Can You Say CTPT".
3- and a big ole "hell yeah!" for the Stone Cold Podcast! My favorite of all time in the ring and on the mic, and he delivers it real and uncut on his podcasts.


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