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Netflix Raising Prices Again


Just found out today that Netflix will be increasing their monthly subscription prices for their $9.99 tier and their $12.99 4K tier starting today. Those two subscription options will increase by $1/month. So, the HD tier that allows you to watch Neftlix on two devices at once will be $10.99, and the 4K service will be $13.99. The $7.99 SD service won't go up in price. However, most people subscribe to the HD service. That is the subscription we use since we don't have a 4K TV.

At one point, I was paying $7.99/month for streaming services and mail order DVD rental. Now, I don't do the DVD/Bluray rental, we just do the streaming service. It's still worth it to me, because we use Netflix about 80% of the time when we want to watch TV. All of our son's programming is on Netflix and PBS Kids Roku app. We don't do Hulu and we share the cost of Amazon Prime with our family, which is an annual cost of $99.

At what point would you guys consider streaming services too much if they keep raising the rates? This is the second time since we signed back up to Netflix that the cost has increased. 

Well a buck is not a deal killer for me so I am pat.As much as I watch it I am not sure the answer to your question.

A friend told me that Xfinity/Comcast would cut his monthly bill by $70 if he removed all the movie channels except one. He could keep HBO or Showtime, etc. That tells me Netflix is going to be a bargain for a lllooonnnnggggg time to come.

I agree with Riggins. One dollar isn't going to make me cancel Netflix. Now, if they raised it $3, I might start to consider my options. As much as we use it, I understand.


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