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Today's blockbuster trade has set the stage for the new season. Kyrie Irving was traded to Boston for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and rights for the No. 1 pick by the Net's in 2018. The talk is that Kyrie has moved Boston to a higher level. Maybe. I think Cleveland has unloaded an unhappy star for a rising star. Isaiah is an outstanding player with something to prove and a goal to make the NBA championship. True, Boston actually won the regular season title in the Eastern Conference last year, but we saw what happened in the playoffs. Isaiah is tough as nails and I am betting he keeps Cleveland on top, after all, he averaged 28.9 points per game during the 2016-2017 season. Plus he has good help. There is talk that Dwayne Wade, released by Chicago, could join his old pal from Miami's championship days. He has a few good minutes per game left as does Derrick Rose, also a former MVP laid low by injuries. Carmelo Anthony could still make a last minute deal possible and join LeBron too.

Boston may be patting themselves on the back, but Cleveland has nothing to be upset about.

Common Sense:
How do you think Irivin pairs with Gordon Hayward?

What if we took half of what these glorified athletes make and give that money to help feed the needy?


--- Quote from: Common Sense on August 23, 2017, 07:38:46 AM ---How do you think Irivin pairs with Gordon Hayward?

--- End quote ---

Kyrie wants to be top dog. If Hayward is fine with that, he will be OK. unless Kyrie's selfishness begins to hurt the team. Then, Hayward may not be the only dissenter.

Since my last post I read that Isaiah said Boston would need to back up a Brink's truck to to the gym in order to pay him next year. If he is all about the money he will be looking beyond Cleveland. His stay could be short when free agency hits. Unless players are willing to make some sacrifice or at least offer to, like Curry and Durant, a championship will be difficult to win. Kyrie and Hayward are not enough to beat Cleveland, nor the top teams in the West. OKC will be a team to watch with the addition of Paul George. The LA Clippers will be no worse without their star point guard given the rash of injuries that derailed them the last few years. When Houston poached Chris Paul from LAC, they moved up a notch. San Antonio will always be near the top of the league as long as Pop is in charge and Kawhi is the main man. Still, unless injuries intervene, Golden State will remain golden for at least the next three years.

he was the 1st guy to ever want to get traded from a 4 straight time division winner to a team who has not done much in 8 years.


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