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Training camps for the 2017 NFL season get underway in three weeks. My team, the New York Giants, look to improve on their 11-5 2016 season record. On offense they added WR Brandon Marshall but did little to improve the offensive line, which at times was very offensive last year as the Giants had no ground game and QB Eli Manning had little time to throw the ball.  On defense, the Giants return most of the starting lineup from last year, which as a unit performed great. New York opens the regular season at Dallas.

Common Sense:
Brandon Marshall gives Eli 2 high quality receiving targets from the get go! A close buddy of mine is a die-hard Giants/Rangers fan, and hosts a Fox Sports radio show. I get to hear the grit and grime. And its going to be vital for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to stay healthy, as he's a playmaker and with him out last year in the wild card game Aaron Rodgers was able to shread through that secondary.

Taking a tight end in the 1st round was a good call. Between OJ Howard and Evan Engram there were 2 good options for high caliber TEs that could block and pass, and Engram should fit in well with Giants offense.

Common Sense:
Should we have a Martinsville Chat Fantasy League?!?

My Redskins have greatly improved the defense over the offseason, so I'm eagerly awaiting to see how that pans out. I hated that we cut Garcon and Jackson loose, but I am just fine with Pryor, and Doctson is healthy this year. Along with Reed and Jamison, I have no worries about our wide receivers. Running back will be interesting. Pedine looked like a beast in college, but I'm hearing that he's slow to catch on during the mandatory training days back in June, so we'll see how that works out. Fat Rob will still be the main feature back.

Should be a very competitive NFC East this year.

Common Sense:
No offense- I think the Skins will be lucky to go out of the cellar in the NFC East. They've fired the GM, lost the deep threat of Desean Jackson, lost Pierre Garcon who was the most efficient pass catcher on the squad, not signing a veteran linebacker, and fumbling again with the franchise tag on Kirk Cousins are amongst the biggest ills. They let some of their MOST talented players walk away. Then overpaid for a converted college quarterback who played wideout for the Browns.

The Cowboys and the Giants are going to be an interesting battle for the top of the NFC East. Skins and Eagles will scrap to see who can get a higher draft pick next year


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