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2017 College Football Season

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Its almost that time of you. Spring football is heating up and D1 schools will be backing their Spring Games over the next month or so.

Does Clemson, or the ACC, repeat? Alabama has to be a heavy favorite. What are yalls thoughts on the upcoming college football season and our schools here in Virginia?

Common Sense:
Clemson doesn't repeat as national champs. I wouldnt go so far to say they don't repeat as ACC Champs, though. I think Alabama and Ohio State are 2 of the favorites, and I'd put Oklahoma and USC in the mix as well.

The ACC conference is very unpredictable right now. Maybe the picture will be a big clearer after the Spring games.

Common Sense:
I've give it a shot. My final ACC Standings for 2017:

ACC Atlantic

Florida State
NC State
Wake Forest
Boston College

ACC Coastal

Miami & Virginia Tech (Tie)
North Carolina
Georgia Tech
UVA & Duke (Tie)

Conference Champion Game: Louisville

Blue Fish:
Too early for me. We've got the NBA playoffs and all of baseball first!

Common Sense:
Spring football is my main focus right now, and the NHL playoffs. Not so much as my squad failed to make playoffs for the first time in my adult life.

I've tried to get back into baseball, its just too slow on TV! Thats just me. I sure loved it when the Braves had that DYNAMIC bullpen: Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, and Greg Maddux.


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