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Blue Fish:
Take ballgames off the table and 90% of my TV viewing happens within Netflix. Best value out there for me. How about you?

By the way... think those star ratings represent an average of what all Netflix users voted? Think again. This is the official statement:

--- Quote ---When you’re looking at movie’s splash page, for example, the corresponding rating you see isn’t a running average of how all Netflix users ranked the film. Rather, the ranking represents what users who have similar entertainment tastes as you thought of the movie. As a result, it’s entirely possible for the same movie to display two different ratings for two different accounts.
--- End quote ---

Yes definitely best value,those ratings are all over the place.Now that I know that,I am not going to pay attention to them and just go to the IMDB site for ratings.

Blue Fish:
Me too. The thing that screws that whole strategy up is something similar to our household... we have a niece or two that come by the house from time to time. They watch TV - mostly Netflix. Next time I check in Netflix has selected a whole library of frilly shows a 20ish female would want to see. Then the weekend comes and my wife keeps her brother's little girl - now 4. She watches Netflix - cartoon shows and animated movies. Add that to the mix and I have to drill down a bit to find my stuff. If Netflix's "brain" is trying to rate it's stuff based on what it looks like I like - all my stuff is going to rate low!

Since you guys dangled Longmire in front of me and I joined Netflix, I rarely watch anything else. Crossing Lines has been a real treat and I have started Crown (young Elizabeth II), Fauda (Israeli terroist hunter), and Jack Taylor (alcoholic Irish PI in Galway). House of Cards was high on my list when I started, but I only have so much time for TV. lol

The wife and are are currently watching Blacklist on Netflix , first couple seasons that is. What a great show. We didn't give it a chance when it first aired a couple years ago on one of the Network channels but my daughter made us watch the first couple episodes of season 1 and we were hooked. I think they have over 20 episodes per season so its been a ride so far.


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