Author Topic: What Shows Did You Not Watch Until They Went Into Syndication?  (Read 36 times)


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Back in the 90's, I wasn't home a lot in the evenings to watch TV. I was almost never home on the weekends, and when I worked in retail, I usually worked until the store closed. Having said that, I didn't get into a lot of TV back in those days, but there were a lot of good TV shows to come from the 90's. But, there are some of those shows that I didn't make a point to watch until they had went off the air and started being shown in syndication - like being shown in evenings after the news.

One show was Seinfeld. Never watched it when it was on brand new. After the show went off the air, I started watching it and fell in love with the show. Same thing with Friends. Never watched Friends brand new, but fell in love with the show after it went into syndication. I actually don't remember watching a lot of brand new shows back in that decade. I was a young teen/early 20's who wanted to be out at night and was more concerned about being social than what was on TV. I do remember watching Beverly Hill 90210 and Melrose Place, but I think I watched those shows because they came on during the week. However, I mostly kept up with football and wrestling. Oh, and maybe Married With Children.