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Treason would infer an attempt to overthrow the government and I think that does carry the death penalty.
How about this. Any group that promotes or uses violence to push their agenda should be labeled as domestic terrorism. And, anyone associated with said group is guilty of treason, sentenced to die, and be done with it. KKK, BLM, Nazis or ANTIFA. Why not?
Movies and Television / Re: Streaming Video/TV Services
« Last post by Skinsguy on Today at 03:39:22 PM »
There are already "too many" streaming services to realistically subscribe to all of them unless you just have a ridiculous amount of free time and a ridiculous amount of disposable income. I foresee many of these services either combining their content such as Hulu does (Fox, NBC) or having to cut their prices in order to maintain/gain subscribers. I feel like we will see many models offer a tiered system where you can get a package that is less than 10 dollars a month, but will require you to watch ads every so often. Conversely, one could pay a premium price to view content without any interruptions.

As per the sports streaming service, Disney indicated that their standalone ESPN streaming service will debut around the same time frame as their Disney service. I remember the article stating that there would be over 10,000 sporting events streamed live during the first calendar year from its debut.

A couple of interesting notes:

It has been estimated that Disney will need 32 million subscribers for its service just to break even for the revenue that it will lose from the licensing deals that it currently has in place as they will not renew any of those contracts being that their service will be the exclusive home for their own content. Just to put that into perspective, Netflix has the market crushed with 50 million subscribers. HBO GO has ... 3 million. At launch, Disney will make available over 500 movie titles and 7,000 episodes of various television programs.

Speaking of HBO, their 3 million subscribers are said to account for 5-6% of their total revenue, about 100 million dollars for the quarter. HBO says that this has basically replaced any losses accrued from the downward trend of their other revenue sources. Just to give you an idea of the insane amount of money these corporations are bringing in, that 100 million dollar number accounts for ONE PERCENT of (HBO parent company) Time Warner's quarterly revenue.

Here's a link with a little more info about how many subscribers these new services actually have and just how much of an impact "cord cutters" are or are not making on industry as a whole.

We were talking about the Emmys this morning on the Coffee Break. Never heard anyone thank ABC, NBC, or CBS. All the accolades went to Hulu, Netflix, and HBO. No question - all the award winning shows for TV are coming from streaming services.

IMO, there's several factors involved:

1. Viewers can binge on entire season in a weekend on Netflix. Not quite the case with HBO, but you know when it's released on Netflix, you're getting the entire season all at once, and people love this concept.
2. Shorter seasons means more quality content in each episode. Also makes it easier to binge watch on the weekend.
3. Less content restrictions, so the streaming services can get away with more. Put it to you this way; Big Bang Theory is still a super huge hit show for CBS. If they showed an episode where Penny (the hot blondie on there) was nude, viewership would go through the roof! I'm just sayin, lol!
4. The seasons on Netflix aren't so quick to comeback. They tend to be released on an annual basis, except for some programming. I think Voltron is released on a semi-annual phase, but Voltron is a cartoon and I don't think their seasons are very long to begin with.
Sports / Re: NFL 2017 Season
« Last post by Skinsguy on Today at 03:05:50 PM »
Thats a good win for the Redskins! They needed something and Chris Thompson answered with 2 scores and that BIG TD run.

Now follow that up with a return home vs. the Raiders, who are looking spotty on defense. Got to have your confidence up!

It's going to be a good game. The Redskins have improved on defense, so I think it will be a close game. Only thing is, Kirk Cousins has not performed well in prime time, so we'll see what happens with that.

Still, glad to see them in the win column. Now, it's time to get those receivers involved.
Any group that uses violence to promote their agenda should be called a domestic terrorist.
Politics / Re: 2017 Virginia Governor's Race
« Last post by Common Sense on Today at 09:30:40 AM »
We have a real neck-and-necl battle with Northam and Gillespie. Its going to come down to the election day and the GOTV (get out the vote) operation by the campaigns and their respective parties.

I'm thinking that Jill Holtzman Vogel, as a standing state Senator, has this race by a comfortable margin. She is not pro-choice and she has a 0% rating from NARAL. Justin Fairfax is a relative political unknown outside of the fact that he ran in the Democratic primary for attorney general 4 years ago.

Mark Herring is an accomplished Attorney General and has a record to run on. John Adams (no relation to the 2nd President of these United States) is another political unknown. He's a got some campaign style approaches that will be working for independent voters, but I think this is a safe seat for Herring.

My predictions if the Election were today:

Governor: too close to call
Lt. Governor: Vogel
Attorney General: Herring
Neo Nazis are beyond a reasonable doubt domestic terrorists. They organized and have successfully killed 1 American already. That was the definition of act of terrorism.

Lets all just remember the sole mission of the Nazis: to exterminate the jews and opponents to build the "Aryan Race". Plain and simple.
Politics / Re: Krauthammer: Bungled collusion is still collusion
« Last post by jonas_24112 on Today at 09:21:00 AM »
Couple of things I find interesting about this:

1.  The original FISA warrant in 2014 is attributed to an investigation into 3 firms-  Manaforts, The Podesta Group and one other.   That's right, "The Podesta Group", started by none other than John Podesta- former counselor to President Barack Obama and Chairman of the 2016 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

2.  All 3 investigated firms retroactively registered as foreign agents of another country last year....after they found they were under investigation.  Supposedly, it's not uncommon to just not register at all.....

3.  Manafort was being "wiretapped" while he had an office in Trump Tower.  Hmmmm......

Love this stuff.....espionage and intrigue at its finest.

Politics / Re: "Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.
« Last post by Solon on Today at 09:16:17 AM »
The Congressional Budget Office will not have a full analysis of the Cassidy-Graham plan until after Sept. 30. Republicans are gearing up to vote on it next week, although McConnell has not yet put it on the agenda. He said there must be 50 votes in his pocket before he will bring it up. Without a full CBO analysis there is no impartial estimate of how many people will lose coverage or the impact on premiums and markets. It is clear that 20+ million will lose insurance, but there is no report to back that estimate up...yet. Republicans might actually find that an advantage. They could vote for it and then say...Who knew it would harm so many people? Yes, there are suckers out there who would believe them.

Rand Paul is the only Senator who has said he will vote against it. He wants an immediate repeal of the ACA and nothing else will satisfy him. The other Senators who opposed the last proposal have not decided. McCain may support it because his buddy is one of the authors. Murkowski and Collins are holding their fire. If three vote against it, the bill dies.

Momentum builds for Obamacare repeal

New push to replace Obamacare reflects high stakes for Republicans

So the KKK and the nazi's are not domestic terrorists?
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