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General Discussion / Re: Curing Sleep Apnea?
« on: January 05, 2018, 09:58:34 AM »
Wow Skinsguy! Now your on it! With my critical cap on, I would still trim another 30 to 45 seconds off. Really smart intro... nailed it with the tease after the intro... and great use of visuals - holding the mask while you're talking. Take it up another notch by getting the camera level with you so you're not looking down. Just makes it look more professional. Man the difference here is amazing. You've got this... I believe it!

Thanks Bill! Yeah the one thing I wasn't happy with was the camera height. I found a bookshelf in my son's room to put the iPad on, and it was close enough to where I figured I could make due with it for that video. I'm not too photogenic when I'm having to look down a bit, and I think the higher bookshelf was just a bit too high. I need some sort of tripod that works with tablets (iPad) that I can adjust it to the perfect height. I'm also thinking of getting a cheap movie screen for the background and maybe pick up a light that will help with lighting. I would rather do most of this in our spare bedroom where my computer desk is.

Jogging pants can only be considered dress slacks after the age of 72 and only at family functions. This is from Al Bundy's School Of Etiquette.
However - if you have consumed too much alcohol - following the rules is only a suggestion.

So, that means that once you're your past 72, then you're officially old, right?  ;D

I'm curious. How old is "officially old?"

When you think jogging pants can double as dress slacks?

General Discussion / Re: Curing Sleep Apnea?
« on: January 04, 2018, 10:22:56 AM »
I just uploaded video #2! This video is on using CPAP when you're sick - specifically talking about head colds and allergies. 3 minutes and a half! Not bad for being quick and straight to the point!  ;D

I found an app on my iPad for building video intros. It's quick and dirty, but I think it made a world of difference. I also edited this video on my computer instead of the iPad this time. I still haven't figured out how to delete small parts of a clip out, such as one part where I kind of pause. If I could clip that little part out, it would've made that section a bit more smooth. However, I did a better job of waiting a bit before I started talking, and waiting a bit before I hit stop on record - made it much easier in editing. I don't know if iMovie is able to do any kind of green screen thing where I could change the background, but if it's possible, I might try to find a cheap green screen. Finding a good spot in the house where lighting is good and it's not messy (due to a 3 year old) is a bit challenging. I don't want to do all of my videos in the same spot. I might try to shoot some at the park when it's warmer or in my car.

Movies and Television / Re: MoviePass
« on: January 03, 2018, 04:57:49 PM »
I wish this was around before my wife and I started having children!

Music, Photography, Books and Art / Re: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
« on: January 03, 2018, 11:44:46 AM »
It's been about 4 years since I've gotten to see TSO. They always put on an outstanding show! I encourage anyone to go see them at least once. I used to go every year, but in the last few years, having a young child and not as much money, we've had to forgo the TSO concerts. I hope we can get back next year to see them.

General Discussion / Re: Curing Sleep Apnea?
« on: January 03, 2018, 10:41:38 AM »
I think Bill is offering some very good advice. I watched the video with real interest and discovered that I am an embarrassingly average viewer. There were several other videos on the subject shown on my screen as well. There is some competition for viewers. The CPAP devices might be a good place to start with the visuals. You provided some very useful information for people who may not have as severe a case of sleep apnea as you. They need to appreciate its potential effects.

Oh yeah, please keep the advice coming guys. I need your critique, because I really do want to fine tune my content to where people will enjoy watching my videos, but will also get something out of them. I've seen some videos on YouTube where the quality is outstanding, and the presenter has really fine-tuned their skills for video editing, but the content was nothing. Still, it got me watching, so I guess there is something to be said for the quality of the production.

General Discussion / Re: Curing Sleep Apnea?
« on: January 03, 2018, 10:36:43 AM »
I just watched most of it Skinsguy. Good information, but in my line of work I've learned the average attention span of folks is embarrassingly poor. Latest figures show anything over 2 minutes and 47 seconds on YouTube and the viewer is likely gone and 20 percent of those that start it are gone in 10 seconds. IMO, you're going to have to break these things up into 2 or 3 minute segments and add some visuals if you expect to get any measurable viewership. (Just my experience)

Yeah I didn't intend for the video to reach 20 minutes. I chalk it up to first video awkwardness and the need to just getting something uploaded to get going with the channel. My future installments will be much, much shorter, and much more to the point.

As far as the visuals, right now, I'm trying to work with what I currently have. I don't have Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, which are far superior video editing programs over iMovie. I got iMovie free on my Macbook Pro and my iPad. So, that's what I'm using to edit the videos. Was hoping it would actually be able to slice a video clip more precisely so that I could remove more of the "ummms", "uhhhs" and the "You knows". It will let you remove a full clip, but you can't slice the clip, so that makes for a bit of awkward moments in the video. Also, with shooting several shots and then putting them all together, iMovie (at least with my experience), won't link them together as one video - there's always a transition that you have to put in between, so it's basically a quick and dirty means of editing a video. You can do stuff like titles and a few sound effects. You can add music to your videos, but I couldn't figure out a way to make the music very quiet in the background while the speaker is talking, so that didn't seem to work. I guess I'd have to edit the music volume first in another program, but that would make it difficult to perfectly fit to the video. So, as you can see, it's a lot more challenging to make a professional looking product when you don't have the tools. I'm looking at options that I can use, free, for right now. Hopefully if I can start making some money from the channel, then I can purchase some better editing software and maybe a better camera.

Speaking of camera, my Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 takes far superior video over my iPad, but I have absolutely no space on the phone to save videos, so I'm using the iPad. Plus, I can only take videos in selfie mode on my phone, because I think my son broke my camera on my cell phone. The lens is all shattered on it, so I can't really use it, which sucks. So, I'm going to have to use the iPad until I can figure something else out. I'll eventually get things worked out enough to where the videos are better quality, I'm just having to work with what I got for now. But I will have more content up and they will be shorter, better edited videos. 

Sports / Re: NFL 2017 Season
« on: January 02, 2018, 12:18:34 PM »
Sense Wentz went down, I don't the Eagles get to the NFC Championship game. I don't know if they played Foles in the last game of the season, but scoring 0 points will lose you the game 10 times out of 10.

I think Minnesota is definitely a lock for the championship game, but I think they'll be facing the Saints. Would love for the hometown Panthers to get back to the Super Bowl, but they didn't look good at all against the Falcons, and nearly lost against Tampa Bay the week before. I think they'll be one and done in the playoffs.

On the other side, I'd love to see Jacksonville make it to the Super Bowl. Nobody thinks Blake Bortles is any good, yet, he's gotten them into the playoffs and the Jaguars have played very well overall this year. Realistically, I think you'll see the Steelers in the Super Bowl. If Minnesota makes it to the Super Bowl, it will be a home game for them.

General Discussion / Re: Curing Sleep Apnea?
« on: January 02, 2018, 11:52:10 AM »
Thanks for posting this info, Skinsguy. You clearly have a serious health issue that deserves coverage. If your doctor has written the insurance company about your case they may look more favorably on your claim. If he hasn't, press him on it. He is the only one who can validate the assertion that this is a medical and not a cosmetic surgery. Likewise, you must continually press the insurance company for a definitive answer, always stressing your medical condition. Persistence is your ONLY friend. Never give up. You deserve this.

Your case reminds me of my experience with my oldest son in regard to another health problem and it strikes a cord.

So, here's the question I have. I have only called the insurance company once in my life. It was a few years ago and I had called them about asking how much they would cover a certain medication. The lady would never give me any answers, she just kept saying that she'd need a claim number before she could help me. So, since then, I've never really understood who to talk to at the insurance company, how to talk to them, and how to get the answers I'm looking for. I want to call them about this and I think there has been a claim submitted, but outside of me saying it's a medical condition, I don't know how to really convince them.

I mean, I'm compliant with CPAP therapy, which is actually a count against me in this. They look at CPAP compliance, especially if the therapy is reducing the apnea episodes, and they say that's good enough. Well, the worst thing I could right now is just stop using the machine. The other is that my sleep doctor seems to be on the side of me sticking with CPAP. I've got an appointment with him in a couple weeks, so hopefully a sit down, face to face, will clear some things up. He's a good doctor, and I think if he hears it from me, verbally, he may be more supportive with the surgery bit.

Speaking of, I've created a YouTube channel dedicated to my suffering with Sleep Apnea. Would you guys be willing to take some time out and watch my videos I've created? I only have one up there right now, but I plan on adding more in a series. Would appreciate some views as well as some subscribers, and people liking the videos. Even if you don't watch the videos all the way through, I think it counts as a view. I figured any income I get from my YouTube channel could go toward the surgery. I have to have 10,000 views on my channel before they'll fully monetize my videos, and even then, I have to get a lot of views and ad clicks to make any money. I figured I'd try it and if I did make some decent money from it, it would help me out with my medical expenses. Here's the link to my YouTube channel and video:

Sports / Re: Carolina Panthers Looking For New Owner
« on: December 19, 2017, 01:01:20 PM »
And once again, P. Diddy wants in on the action. I think he would be a horrible owner.

General Discussion / Re: Curing Sleep Apnea?
« on: December 18, 2017, 03:15:07 PM »
In my experience the key difference is what the insurance company decides is "medically necessary" and what is elective. Of course, what you and the doctor may determine one way, the insurance company may determine the other. That's when you can start paying lawyers in addition to doctors and insurance premiums.

You wonder how anybody gets anything paid for by the insurance companies nowadays. I mean, when I sign up for insurance, I have a family plan. It's the 70/30 plan. Once I reach my deductible, then insurance kicks in and will pay 70% of my medical costs. I have an out of pocket cap with my insurance as well. That's somewheres around $3800 I think. Once you have reached your out of pocket, then insurance is supposed to kick in pay 100% of your medical expenses. However, the rub is, insurance can determine what that medical expense is worth to them. So, for instance, in the case of this surgery, the doctor has determined that the cost is $18k. The insurance company may decide that the surgery is only worth $3,000, so that's all they pay, sticking the patient with $15k to come up with. Now, I understand if someone is doing this out of pure cosmetic reasons. If it's strictly for that, I understand insurance not paying at all. But if a patient is wanting to have this surgery done for a medical reason, whether if it is a birth deformity or some other medical situation, and the success rate of said surgery is 85% or higher, then in my opinion, I don't see how a surgery being elective or not should have anything to do with the cost. Of course, that's my opinion. In the real world, insurance looks at elective being optional, and if it's optional, they don't want to pay even though said option would great reduce the likelihood of further medical treatment for said dysfunction, disorder, or disease. Insurance definitely looks like the $$, and that's it. It truly is a racket. I would like to see how much out of pocket cost it would if my wife and I had to pay for all of the medical treatment we have faced this past year, if we had no insurance. I get the feeling that we've paid out a lot more for our expenses than insurance has. 

General Discussion / Re: Curing Sleep Apnea?
« on: December 15, 2017, 10:03:20 AM »
Wow. That would knock me out of it from the start. Best to you Skinsguy. Keep us posted.

Thanks! Even if insurance says they would cover it, we'd still have to have $18k to give them up front, so we'd probably have to take out a care credit to cover the initial cost and then get reimbursed on the back end. Insurance is weird with this stuff. For some people, it covers it completely. For others, nothing at all. And for most, it will cover some but the bare minimum.

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