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Sports / Mayweather/McGregor Pay-Per-View
« on: September 27, 2017, 03:11:32 AM »
Quote has learned that Mayweather-McGregor is expected to have generated approximately 4.4 million domestic pay-per-view buys and that an official announcement could be made as soon as this week.

That would mean that the highly publicized spectacle between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC superstar Conor McGregor, while wildly successful financially, didn’t break the pay-per-view record for combat sports. Mayweather’s maligned win against Manny Pacquiao still owns that distinction.

Poor guys may have to knock a few million off the hundreds of millions they made   ;D

Floyd stated on ESPN (the day after the fight) that he was set to clear nearly 300 million (pre-tax) from the match and McGregor was up for about 70-100 million.

A local restaurant from a national chain told me that they charged $30 a head for the fight ... had about 240 seating capacity ... had to pay $400 per television that showed the fight ... Had 27 tv's in the building  ;D ......... Not sure how many they actually used to show the fight though ....

I watched the fight in its entirety and it was pretty interesting to see the distinct differences in the instinctual movements between the boxer and martial artist. This worked as a one-time spectacle, not so much because of the event itself, but because of the shared interest in popular culture. Personally, I kind of enjoyed the "show" in the year leading up to the fight. It was just one of those rarities that had to have all the right pieces come into play.

I'm also surprised with how impressive Mayweather is during interviews. He's as candid as Tyson was, but he actually has thought behind what he says. The guy is smart, and much more respectful of his position and accomplishments than the media sometimes portrays  him to be.

Kudos to both of these guys for the sportsmanship shown after the match.

Movies and Television / TV Trailers
« on: September 26, 2017, 03:30:54 AM »
I am always looking for good shows to watch that I may not have seen or heard of before. Since we have the "What you're currently watching" thread, I thought we could have a place to add things we've watched in the past that others may enjoy.

Post the Season 1 trailer if you have the Youtube link ... and no spoilers!

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