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How in the world can people successfully promote their online business, such as being a YouTuber (although it really isn't a business when you make no money from it) without totally spamming people? I don't want to become a spammer, but since YouTube changed their montetization policy, us new guys and small channels are scrambling to get new subs and as many eyes on our videos as possible.

Besides the content itself, what draws you into wanting to subscribe to someone's channel on YouTube? Or, have you subscribed to any channels at all? What do you think it is the best way to promote something like this - without having to shell out any money. Let's face it, if  I was making $500 or more each month, then I'd be happy to pay to promote, but I'm not making a dime yet. Kind of like the chicken and the egg. You need solid promotion to get the word out, but you need to be making some money from it (and having the expendable cash on hand) to pay to promote! :/

Back in the 90's, I wasn't home a lot in the evenings to watch TV. I was almost never home on the weekends, and when I worked in retail, I usually worked until the store closed. Having said that, I didn't get into a lot of TV back in those days, but there were a lot of good TV shows to come from the 90's. But, there are some of those shows that I didn't make a point to watch until they had went off the air and started being shown in syndication - like being shown in evenings after the news.

One show was Seinfeld. Never watched it when it was on brand new. After the show went off the air, I started watching it and fell in love with the show. Same thing with Friends. Never watched Friends brand new, but fell in love with the show after it went into syndication. I actually don't remember watching a lot of brand new shows back in that decade. I was a young teen/early 20's who wanted to be out at night and was more concerned about being social than what was on TV. I do remember watching Beverly Hill 90210 and Melrose Place, but I think I watched those shows because they came on during the week. However, I mostly kept up with football and wrestling. Oh, and maybe Married With Children.

General Discussion / Curing Sleep Apnea?
« on: December 14, 2017, 12:36:58 PM »
This is a re-post from the old board. I wrote an article a few weeks ago about my struggles with sleep apnea. For those of you who also suffer from it or know someone who does, you should take time to read my article. Keep in mind, I'm not a professional, articulate writer, so there might be some grammar errors as I didn't really proof read for very long. Please take time to read it and comment on the page if you like.

So, what's happening today is that I'm seeing a surgeon about having a very invasive surgery performed on my jaws called maxilla-mandibular advancement. In layman's terms, they break your jaws, upper and lower, install spacers, and move the jaws forward. This creates a larger airway and essentially reduces sleep apnea to where you no longer need a CPAP at night. I thought my insurance had approved this surgery, but the lady at the orthodontist office misspoke (I had asked her twice if it was the surgery that insurance had approved and she said yes) and insurance has not approved my surgery as of yet. Today, I am going for consultation with an oral surgeon and see what he says. My prayer is that they're able to get the surgery approved. Even though I have a documented medical disability that would benefit from the surgery, insurance will often treat this surgery as cosmetic and deny payment. The cosmetic benefits are great, and I would probably look younger as well. And I'll admit, I would love this because who wouldn't want to look better? However, my number one reason for doing this surgery is medical, and to end my struggles with sleep apnea.

Coincidentally, the other night, I was so tired that I fell asleep and forgot to put my C-PAP on. Now, keep in mind, I was sleeping on my side, so you would think that should've been OK. However, I woke up around 5am that morning, almost in a panic. My heart was racing, I was sweaty, so I did what any guy who wakes up does - I go to the bathroom, lol! While I'm standing in the bathroom, my heart continues to pound, I start to get light headed, and I could tell I was about ready to pass out. I quickly got back in bed, put my CPAP on, and dosed off to sleep. Apparently, I still wound up having an apnea attack even though I was sleeping on my side. Apparently I had stopped breathing for several minutes, and who knows if I was about ready to have a heart attack or what was going on. So, the CPAP definitely helps to keep me alive, but I struggle with it and I still can't sleep on my back even using CPAP. I still feel like my air passage gets cut off. And, on top of all of this, I've lost weight, so it's almost as if my apnea is getting worse.

General Discussion / Devilish Indulgence(A Food Topic)
« on: November 03, 2017, 03:32:11 PM »
Figured we needed a fun thread! Feel free to also share your recipes in this thread as well.

What are my favorite foods when I want to pig out? Pizza is the number one! Followed by Chicken Wings, and finally Lasagna. We have a place down here called Mac's Speed Shop. One of the best places for chicken wings! They smoke the wings and give you a bunch of choices for sauce. Pizza? Well, I have a bunch of places that I will get a pie from. Home Slice, Elizabeth's, Mario's, Pizza Hut, Domino's, Najar's, and Papa John's. Lasagna? Homemade! My wife and her mom make aweseom Lasagnas! My mother-in-law makes the best meatballs in the country!

Now I'm hungry! This thread is brought to you buy this strict diet that skinsguy is currently on!

Sports / Puffy Diddy Wanting To Start His Own Football League
« on: October 12, 2017, 01:51:22 PM »

Yet another is wanting to start up another pro football league. Sean "Diddy" Combs first stated that he wanted to buy the NFL, but since I seriously doubt he has that type of cash on him (and I bet the owners would never go for it, especially the publicly traded Green Bay Packers), he has decided to start up his own league.

He's been talking about it on his Twitter account:

I have to say, after reading some of the comments on his Twitter account, I'm a bit discouraged by the attitudes. I thought we got passed segregation?

Anyway, this will go the way of the XFL and the USFL. The NFL is much to big to be conquered and I doubt stars from the NFL will ditch their multi-million dollar contracts to go play in a start up league for about $50k a year.

Movies and Television / Netflix Raising Prices Again
« on: October 05, 2017, 02:20:53 PM »
Just found out today that Netflix will be increasing their monthly subscription prices for their $9.99 tier and their $12.99 4K tier starting today. Those two subscription options will increase by $1/month. So, the HD tier that allows you to watch Neftlix on two devices at once will be $10.99, and the 4K service will be $13.99. The $7.99 SD service won't go up in price. However, most people subscribe to the HD service. That is the subscription we use since we don't have a 4K TV.

At one point, I was paying $7.99/month for streaming services and mail order DVD rental. Now, I don't do the DVD/Bluray rental, we just do the streaming service. It's still worth it to me, because we use Netflix about 80% of the time when we want to watch TV. All of our son's programming is on Netflix and PBS Kids Roku app. We don't do Hulu and we share the cost of Amazon Prime with our family, which is an annual cost of $99.

At what point would you guys consider streaming services too much if they keep raising the rates? This is the second time since we signed back up to Netflix that the cost has increased. 

Movies and Television / Streaming Video/TV Services
« on: September 08, 2017, 09:57:46 AM »
Do you guys realize that there's a huge amount of streaming video services out there now? How many of these do you guys subscribe to?

Amazon Prime Video
Sling TV
CBS Access App
Playstation Vue
Hulu & Hulu Live TV
YoutTube Live TV (and also Red)
DirecTV Now
ShowTime App

Coming in a couple years, Disney App.

General Discussion / What Type of Events Would You Like To See In M&HC?
« on: August 04, 2017, 01:13:11 PM »
Other than NASCAR related events, what other types of annual events do you think would bring people to Martinsville? I have some ideas.

Every Christmas, I think the entire main stretch of Collinsville should be decorated in Christmas lights. There is a small town in NC that is nicknamed the Christmas Town, and every year, the entire town (it's very small, think of Floyd) is garbbed out in Christmas lights and decorations. People from all over come to this town every year to see the lights. The area could invite seasonal vendors to come and setup shop throughout the town during the holiday season and make it into a big Christmas celebration.

The other ideas I had, (kind of piggybacking off of the vendor idea) is to have an annual flea market event throughout Martinsville. Have vendors from all over come to sell their items, have food trucks, have live music, etc. This could be something they do on a three day weekend or something like that. Kind of like the Hillsville Flea Market. Again, something that could potentially bring people from the region in.

The other ideas I have kind of copycat what you see elsewhere. Like a strawberry festival, wine festival, or beer fest.

I'm just thinking of something that everybody could look forward to that would bring folks together and maybe bring folks into the area for a day or two.

Movies and Television / Stranger Things 2: Trailer
« on: July 26, 2017, 04:10:10 PM »
Fantastic show on Netflix. Set in the 1980's. Probably the reason why I love the show so much. It's one of the few "horror" type of shows that my wife and I will watch.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, check out the trailer for season one.

General Discussion / I'm baaaaack!
« on: July 07, 2017, 01:20:09 PM »
Keep having to re-register for this forum, but alas, I'm back! So, what were we talking about the last time I was here?  ;D

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