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Movies and Television / Re: What have you seen lately
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:36:35 AM »
Mindhunter was a good watch. Some of the storyline was a little too convenient as their focus was more on the psychology behind the crimes, but that is also what made the show so strangely gripping. I think I posted somewhere on the forums here before as to how this is kind of like a "Dragnet" for today. Just the facts 'mam.

Just started Godless yesterday. Like Bluefish said, I'm a sucker for a Western. Looks extremely well made so far. And because I haven't fallen into the storyline yet, I'll give a few gripes/comments I have right off the bat. This is coming from my first reactions, which I'm sure will change by the end.

1- Cinematography is excellent.

2- The generic long shot of a man with his hat down, zoom in, and pop up to reveal Jeff Daniels was a little ridiculous. Most people may not notice this, but its a very generic television trick, and sometimes used in movies that are more event or star driven. It's like, the type of scene where the guy opens the door, and has to wait for the audience to quit clapping before he can deliver his first line ..... Hey look everybody! It's a big star. I recognize him from other award winning programs that I like. Maybe I'll continue to watch this show given this new information.... That's literally what drives the thought process behind why a shot like this is included by a director, editor, or producer. I know its a ridiculous gripe, but it takes me out of the moment lol.

3- Sam Waterson can only be on Law and Order. Just who in the hell told him he was allowed to be in something different?  ;D

4- The Sheriff is also the main star on the show "Halt and Catch Fire" (About the 80 computer boom) which I just finished not to long ago, and it is difficult to see him as a different character as of yet. He's someone to watch though. He has been getting more and more parts in better and better productions. Dude will be nominated for an Oscar in the next few years.

5-The accents. Some actors just can't distinguish the difference between a slack jawed yokel, a southern gentleman, a texas drawl, a country twang, etc. etc. I want to know what some of these people are using to study their pronunciations.

Random: George Lindsey (Goober Pyle) said that when he was starting in showbiz, he was told repeatedly to lose the accent or he'd never make it. He said that one day he did a part where it called for an accent, and after that appearance was shown on television he never lacked for another day of work and was never asked to lose the accent again. It was the accent, interestingly enough, that endeared him to most people.

Movies and Television / Re: Netflix
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:12:16 AM »
They are saying 2018 will be a really big year for Netflix...

Netflix is said to be spending 8 billion on content this year. That is just absolutely nuts. Considering the kind of analytical data they have to consume, I find it quite likely that niche film genres with dedicated audiences will thrive with this model.

For example, the big studios won't touch the "adult thrillers" of the 90's (Kevin Costner/Richard Gere type fare) because anything attached with an "R" rating automatically sees reduced revenue. Modestly budgeted effects movies that don't have to toe the line due to merchandising constraints will have a chance to see the light of day as well.

Some interesting info ....

Netflix just released their first big-budget action movie with Will Smith as the star. They spent 100 million on the production. We're talking big-time movie production that rivals anything any other studio makes. If this were released at the theater, they'd be looking for a 40-50 million dollar opening weekend to make the film a success.

Although Netflix is notorious for keeping their numbers as much of a secret as possible, Nielsen recently started tracking them as best they could. These numbers ONLY include TV's used to watch Netflix, not mobile, tablets, or even computers.

Nielsen reports that 11 million people watched Smith's movie "Bright" within the first 3 days.  The average ticket price at the theater for 2017 is $8.89, giving us an approximated total of what could have been a 97 million dollar haul. Just for their television viewers. The vast majority of subscribers make use of their other devices which can't be measured by a third party currently.

Movies and Television / Re: What have you seen lately
« on: December 18, 2017, 02:10:29 AM »
Thought I'd also mention I went to see the new Star Wars on opening night.

... And if you can't say something nice, doesn't say anything at all. So I guess that's the end of this post ... lol.

Movies and Television / Re: What have you seen lately
« on: December 18, 2017, 02:08:02 AM »
Started watching "Godless" on Netflix last night. Man I'm a sucker for a western. They sure make 'em graphic these days don't the? Not much left to the imagination.

That's the next show on my list. Heard nothing but good things, and .. guess I get it from my Dad, but I'm a sucker for a western too lol.

You should revisit Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven." One of the best westerns and movies of all time.

Eastwood, Morgan, Hackman and more. How can you go wrong?

----------- Classic quote ...------

"Hell, I thought 'chu was dead?"
"Hell, even I thought I was dead. Then I realized I was just in Nebraska."


"What are you doin?! You got three guns there and only one arm!"
"Well, I don't wanna get killed for .. lack 'a shootin' back."

Movies and Television / Re: What have you seen lately
« on: December 16, 2017, 04:31:28 AM »

That said, I'm nearing the end of the "Punisher." I've never seen a show where the guy gets shot, cut, and beat up more than this one. lol

LOL. You should watch the Mel Gibson classic "Payback" .... Guy is  on a serious mission of revenge lol. In one cringe worthy scene, Gibson is tied down in a chair and the bad guy smashes 4 of his toes with a hammer.

A scene later, (SPOILER, GIBSON ESCAPES THE CHAIR! :) Mel has chased the bad guy down again, albeit with a very subtle limp. LMAO, now those were the days of classic action.

Here's the trailer .. I just watched it for the first time in years, and man, it actually makes me wanna go watch the movie again lol. As a bonus, Kris Kristofferson plays the main bad guy.

« on: November 25, 2017, 08:24:37 AM »
The thing thats killing ESPN is the fact that NBC and FOX have launched their own sports channels and they have bid on the big games. And gotten them!

NBC Sports covered 1/3 of the NASCAR races and a host of NFL games.

Specifically what is killing ESPN is that the majority of their income is directly derived from cable subscribers. ESPN is the MOST EXPENSIVE channel by far. The cable companies currently pay ESPN approximately 6 dollars PER SUBSCRIBER. This is down from a high of over 8 dollars per subscriber. The loss of ESPN's "per subscriber fee" is due to the cable subscribers losing customers. Because the majority of ESPN's viewers come from cable subscribers, the loss of these subscribers means less total viewers for ESPN, which is the main ingredient in the formula that calculates the "per subscriber fee."

ESPN has been planning for years as to how they will combat the eventuality of losing more and more of these cable viewers. There are many alternatives being considered, but shaving their overall budget has been ongoing as they are trying to make sure they stay in position to retain the biggest events in sports. They spent record breaking dollars for the sports that they have, and they plan on keeping them.

I don't think that they have given up much of what they wanted to be quite honest.

Regarding Nascar, their ratings have been dumping for years, and NBC only took what they did to replace the golf events that they lost to CBS.

NFL ratings are still great comparatively to the shows they are going up against, but much lower than compared to years past.

All this to say, because of the slog of channels and content that we have available, expect more of this as each channel will have less and less viewers as we have more and more choices.

General Discussion / Re: Off Track Betting Coming back to Henry County
« on: November 25, 2017, 08:02:30 AM »
Dutch Inn...?

Didn't Henry County already have this before? How did that turn out?

it turned out pretty great actually. the reason it closed was the state and the organization didn't renew their agreement. if there are no races, there is no reason to have an OTB. this is also a different group i understand than colonial downs.

Ummmm ... curious as to what evidence you have for it being "pretty great?"

My personal experience was that when Colonial Downs opened, it was absolutely packed. Elbow to elbow, people drank, ate, and bet on horses, having a great time and hoping for a quick lick (big score) and a lucky night. However, the uniqueness of the experience wore off as with most things, especially considering the betting on horses is a mostly losing venture for the majority of players.

Within a year the OBT was inhabited by day only by a few well versed gamblers who may or may not have been making a profit. By night it got a little busier, but still, you couldn't have filled the tables at the D&A Cafe with the "crowd" at Colonial Downs. Regardless of the agreement not being renewed, Colonial Downs had way too much overhead for what little revenue they brought in, and the regulars that I talked to sensed that it couldn't go on, and were surprised to lasted as long as it did.

Dutch Inn may have a little better situation at hand as they have a pretty regular crowd that will be going "to the Dutch" and have the added bonus of playing the horsies. As opposed to the Colonial Downs model of going to bet on the horse races and teh added bonus of being able to drink while you are there.

All this to say, betting on horses is an extremely difficult task and one that requires supreme knowledge of the sport, the horses, the jockeys, conditions, etc. if one plans to win beyond a run of luck.

Probably still better odds than playing the lottery though : )

Movies and Television / Re: What have you seen lately
« on: November 14, 2017, 07:32:24 AM »
Well, that I could believe ...

But come on ... they found child size jumpsuits with the exact same pockets, etc. etc ...

Much less the proton packs that look like something someone would charge 500 bucks for on Ebay lol ...

And don't get me started on that ghostbusters trap he made .... I mean, it looked like the actual prop from the movie!

Movies and Television / Re: What have you seen lately
« on: November 11, 2017, 03:08:02 AM »
I think the first season was definitely better, but that's because I didn't know what to expect when I watched the first season. So, everything was "new" to me.

Completely agree.

By season two, there are expectations being formed, and almost always, sequels and second seasons don't live up to the first season.

Agree with this as a historical reference, but things are quickly changing. For example, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, Man in the High Castle are just a few examples of how programs in recent times have changed the game by becoming even better than the first. Once the "world" is created, the showrunners have a vast sandbox to play in.

This is most directly related to the fact that seasons and story arcs can be planned out long-term, as there is no reason any longer to cancel tv shows so prematurely due to the fact that as a minimum, they can fill out a streaming library. Basically, any non-network show can eek out at least 3 seasons at this point. This allows slow starters to find an audience, and allows for foreshadowing and plot development on a much grander scale.

Westworld is a prime example of a show that has benefited from this. I absolutely expect the second season to blow the roof off the first and this show will become HBO's Game of Thrones replacement.

With all that said, I feel like Stranger Things did not get better ... it was a little more "popcorn" entertainment as opposed to organic character and plot development as the first season was. But, my thing is that ... this is basically the formula of the 80's franchises ... so whether intentional or not, the Duffer Brothers created something that, so far, is an ultimate homage to 80's movies, while being individually unique at the same time.

I'll admit, though, if these seasons had more episodes, it wouldn't be as good. I think 8 episodes is the magic number for shows like this. Basically like a "miniseries".

Completely agree. While we all want "more," that's the problem with a lot of network shows .. They have to fill 22 episodes. Sometimes less is more.

This is probably the only "horror" show my wife will watch, and it's basically because it's in the vein of Goonies, and she loved the Goonies.

Love the quotes there on "horror." lol ... I agree, it's such a weird hybrid of "family 80's film" mixed "just over the line" horror without becoming a true horror spectacle. In other words, it's a "fun" scary as opposed to something disturbing.

But I think the biggest appeal to me, other than the characters themselves, is the fact that the show's setting is based in the 1980's. My favorite decade by far, and this show lets me get lost in time. I wished there were more period shows as well done as Stranger Things.

Love the setting also, and as mentioned, it truly captures the "feel" of the period... But, with the caveat of feeling like the movies of that time period as opposed to what it felt like to live in that time period. If that makes sense lol.

If you like the 80's, Halt and Catch Fire from AMC is a 80's setting as well, and moves into the early 90's by it's end.

I have to give Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, and Deadwood props for the "most realistic" period settings though. As good as Stranger Things is in this department, there are a lot of Easter Eggs and product placement that wouldn't have been that realistic back then. Those Ghostbusters costumes? Come on. We all know you weren't getting ANYTHING that authentic back then lol.

Movies and Television / Re: What have you seen lately
« on: November 08, 2017, 03:52:17 AM »
They are def doing a season 3. It has not "officially" been greenlit, but the Duffer brothers (Creators/Writers/Exec Producers) said in a story today that they are currently writing the 3rd season and are planning to delve more into the characters rather than increasing the magnitude of the show this go round.

Again, although it does not "officially" have the green light, this is nothing more than a formality. The Duffer brothers have openly said they have a 4 seasons planned and Netflix execs have said they are trying to get the brothers to span the story into 5 seasons worth of material.

I have to say, I was not as impressed with the second season as I was with the first from a storytelling perspective. Not that it was "bad." The events just did not occur as organically. However, it was absolutely entertaining and difficult to stop watching on any given episode. The cliffhangers really drew me into "starting" the next episode, which basically turned into watching the rest of the episodes, lol.

The best thing about the first season is that it really does feel like a movie from that time period. It gives off the same vibes as the Spielberg classics although with just the right amount of extra "edge" to feel modern in ways. It was also very well shot, written, and acted. It was a well made 9 hour movie that balanced being individually excellent while giving just the right amount of homage to the classics ....

The second really felt like an 80's sequel ........... Where the first 80's movie would be well made and introduce and interesting universe and characters, and the sequels inevitably would play up whatever the audience found entertaining ...

And I think that's what it comes down to for me ...... The first season had merit as a standalone, the "sequel" season was pure entertainment in the same way the Lethal Weapons were, Rambo, Rocky (even released late 70's) ...... Most of those franchises started out the same way. I mean Rocky was an OSCAR WINNING MOVIE for cryin out loud. Even though I love them all and Rocky V is a fav, it definitely a'int Academy Award material lol .....

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the Duffer Brothers latched onto something that made this feel like the ultimate homage to the 80's in so many different ways.


Also watched Mindhunter on Netflix .... about the creation of the profiling methods that the FBI uses. Made by the director/creator of House of Cards, Se7en, Fight Club, Social Network .....

Pretty interesting ... I would say what makes it so interesting is the philosophical and scientific questions it brings up ... It has that monotone dragnet type feel to it. Worth a watch.

Also, if you've never seen Fight Club or Se7en, you are missing out. Probably two of the most mind blowing surprise endings ever ... Both changed the game in Hollywood when they came out.

One other thing, looks like Spacey is out of House of Cards. They may continue the show, but Netflix mandated that they will not bring it back if Spacey is involved at all. Regardless of the man's personal issues, he played a character that owned the show. The world of that show does not work without his character, and I seriously doubt I will be continuing with it.

Honestly, the show  has been going downhill since Frank Underwood became the president. I think the best ending would have been the season finally when he walked into the Oval Office with that ominous music in the background. The aura of the show was about the long strategic game he was playing to reach the pinnacle. Once he reached it, there was just no climax that could equal it.

Movies and Television / Re: What have you seen lately
« on: October 30, 2017, 01:10:39 AM »
Finished Stranger Things 2.

I'll wait till I some others have finished it before I comment : )

However, the box office is way down this weekend and, while not the singular cause, Stranger Things 2 on Netflix is being deemed a big reason people are sitting this weekend out.

Sports / Re: MLB 2017 Season
« on: October 23, 2017, 07:18:09 AM »
The guy has had a long career with many teams, and has run some solid programs, and some not so solid ones. I don't think he necessarily makes a bad team better, he just doesn't get in the way of letting a good team do what it does. I think you said it right ... he lacks the intensity.

He left a sour taste in my mouth when he came to Chicago and, directly off of Sosa's second 60 plus homer season, told the media he wanted to turn Sammy into a 30/30 player and not rely so much on his power. It was like telling Superman not to fly.

But as I type that, I wonder if maybe he was covering for Sammy, setting the expectation in the media for his production to go down because he had to lay off the 'roids.

On another note, I would have loved to have seen my Cubbies make a second series berth in a row, but I can't say I'm "disappointed" with three NLCS appearances in a row with a World Series win in the middle.

But it absolutely feels normal to now say ........... well there's always next year. 

Movies and Television / Re: What have you seen lately
« on: October 14, 2017, 08:11:25 AM »
Very interesting. Having watched the entire 7 seasons now and considering it all cost less than a ticket to a movie with popcorn and drink, I'm content to watch what I watch at home now. "TV shows" have reached the quality of the theatre now.

Completely agreed. But some movies are still best watched on the big screen with the company of others. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan by any means. But I can tell you I will be at this December's opening night. I am 1,000 times more excited to see this on the IMAX screen than I could ever be to watch it at home.

Considering all the awards "The Handmaid's Tale" has won, I decided to give it a try last night.

The awards, the acclaim, yada yada yada, I feel like I'll have to watch this at some point. Looks extremely well made and acted, but .... I don't even know what the subject matter is, but I don't think I care about it lol.

Caught up on Designated Survivor.New eps on ABC wed night.Prolly the best show on TV right now.

This reminds me of when I asked a buddy what he thought  the best movie of all time was. He thought and thought and thought. His answer:  "The Longest Yard." And then he clarified, "Not the old one with that old dude, but the new one."

Had the best night's sleep last night I've had in 6 weeks. Thanks to "All the Way" - and HBO documentary about Lyndon Johnson. Bryan Cranston (Walter White / Breaking Bad) plays Johnson and that's worth watching by itself. He's amazing ...

Funnily enough, I was flipping channels in a hotel one night and came across this. It was well into it and I didn't want to get too invested as I prefer to watch from teh start. But I was absolutely entralled by Cranston's performance as well. I also fell asleep somewhere along the line  :)

Also, Bryan Cranston was nominated for an Oscar for in 2016 for Trumbo, the true story of a blacklisted writer who penned many movies under assumed names while being investigated by the FBI. Haven't seen it yet, but it looks fantastic.

I just keep expecting Kiefer Sutherland to break into his Jack Bauer personification.

24 is supposed to be coming back with another soft reboot within the next couple of years. No Sutherland is expected, but they are going back to the ticking clock format.

Sports / Re: 2017 College Football Season
« on: October 01, 2017, 07:06:03 AM »

Clemson Tigers- 31  ... VA Tech Hokies- 17

Movies and Television / Re: TV Trailers
« on: September 30, 2017, 05:39:54 AM »

Kind of breaking my own rule here as this is actually the trailer for season 2. However, season 2 is a prequel to season 1, and each season is an "anthology," a self contained story with small references or callbacks to characters in the previous season. Anyway, you are actually watching it "in order" by watching the second season first, with no spoilers or anything like that if you move "forward" to season 1. Season 3 has nothing to do with either season 1 or 2. Think True Detective.

Anyway, the reason I posted season 2's trailer is that it is one of the most engrossing pieces to be put onto the small screen. While season 1 (with Billy Bob Thorton) is still an excellent season in its own right, with callbacks to the Cohen Brothers film of the same name, season 2 is totally original and just has that special blend of acting, writing, directing, and cinematography that provides gripping entertainment. Enjoy! Pretty sure this is on HULU, possibly Netflix as well.

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