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Has been discontinued.

For approximately thirteen years we have provided a local forum for the greater Martinsville area as a service to the community. The site, unfortunately, has fallen victim to the more popular social media sites of the day. We gave it a good try and held out as long as we could, but the time has come. Thanks for everyone who contributed over the years!.

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The original forum was under the domain The site owner closed the site down and encouraged it's forum participants to join our forum originally under the domain of Eventually, we decided to give the forum over to another member who had expressed interest. The decline in participation had already begun by this time and after a period we began anew. There was some initial excitement, but the decline continued and further efforts to revitalize the site proved unsuccessful. At one point, we had over 600 active members posting an average of well over 100 posts per day. Where there is a beginning, there is an ending and so the full circle is completed. It's funny how forums affect the core members. There is much thought, care, and attention invested in each person's collection of posts. To have that investment come to a virtual end is indeed a virtual death. For those that loved the "old forum" days we will mourn the loss.

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